Our social commitment

"The Mid-Autumn Festival" is a big party for all children in Vietnam. That's why every year since 1999, at that time, Lua Viet Tours cooperates with partners such as the Journal of Vietnamese Women, the Journal of the Police of Ho Chi Minh City, the Journal of the Youth, the Tu Du maternity hospital and more humanitarian associations for social projects in Vietnam.

In 2004, we organized on this occasion an unforgettable celebration for more than 22,000 children living in regions difficult to access in Vietnam. At this event, Lua Viet Tours financed and assisted groups of volunteer doctors from the maternity hospital Tu Du in designing their humanitarian trips. On the program: consultations, treatments, hospitalizations or distribution of free medicine for children.

During the same period in 2015, we organized a large Mid-Autumn Festival at the border between Vietnam and Cambodia with our partners. 1550 children from the Tay Ninh province received gifts: equipment necessary for their education, traditional Mid-Autumn Festival cakes etc.

With the project "Lua Viet’s cloakroom against the cold in winter", we collect used clothing to distribute to groups of children from northern ethnicities that have no warm clothes for winter. The roads to reach the villages of these ethnic groups are often very difficult and dangerous, but the smile and the joy of the children is a big reward for us and encourages us to continue projects like that.