Tour to Ba Be - Be part of a Tay family

A large and beautiful lake in the middle of nature with many small islands of different shapes. A quiet and peaceful place where you can discover the cultural traditions of many ethnic groups....

Nicknamed "The Halong Bay of the mountains," the Ba Be Lake deserves its nickname. A large and beautiful lake in the middle of nature with many small islands of different shapes. A quiet and peaceful place where you can discover the cultural traditions of many ethnic groups.
Starting from Hanoi, an 8 hour drive is needed to reach the Ba Be Lake. On the way the large urban homes and factories slowly leave room for vast tea gardens and cornfields until we reach Bac Kan, a mountainous province in northern Vietnam. The landscape changes again when we arrive in the Ba Be National Park and the driver stops along the way to enjoy a panoramic view of the lake, one of the largest lakes in Vietnam.
Your host belonging to the Tay ethnicity is waiting on a dock to take you home by boat. After 8 hours locked in a car you can enjoy the fresh air and tranquility on the lake. The green water and tropical forests on the slopes of the mountains surrounding the lake provide a pleasant and peaceful feeling. After 15 minutes by boat, you get to Coc Toc, a small Tay village with forty families.
The authenticity of the traditional architecture of Tay houses and fruit gardens around the houses provides a calm atmosphere. The part on the ground floor of your home is the family room of your hosts and the rooms upstairs are equipped to receive you. The rooms are equipped with a mosquito net and a fan to ensure a well-deserved restful night.
The heat of the day is often reduced by overnight rain that brings fresh air to the mountainous northern provinces of Vietnam. In the morning, the rooster will remind you of the sweet nostalgia of French countryside. You can take a walk by the lake and enjoy the tranquility of the morning, the morning mist on the still sleepy mountains provides a superb scenery.
This day, a small fishing session is planned and a Tay fisherman teaches you local fishing techniques. It's very interesting, fun and a good insight of the local life. In the evening, back at your host’s home, great food awaits you. The dishes are light and refined, made with local herbs and tropical vegetables. Discover these well-seasoned dishes with the family of the host in a friendly setting. A quiet evening awaits you with free time and some rest before tomorrow.
The second day starts with a visit to the Puong cave, located two and a half hours away by boat. You can try to drive the boat while being supervised by your host, a great experience. You arrive at the Puong cave which was hollowed out by the Nang River passing underneath the limestone mountain of Lung Nham. In the cave, we can find impressive stalactites of various shapes and colors and also bats.
Then we head towards the Dau Dang waterfall, which is the next destination of the day. The waterfall is divided into three levels, these falls are combined with large boulders where the water gushes from the rocky cliffs. After visiting Dau Dang, we get a little rest and have lunch. To continue the day, the boat will take you for a stroll on the Ba Be Lake before starting the trek in the afternoon.
The journey begins in the village of Pac Ngoi, ends in the village of Coc Toc and lasts about 3 hours. You cross the mountains by paths in the forest of the Ba Be National Park and discover the villages of the Tay and Nung minorities. The sumptuous landscapes motivate you and increases your curiosity. You can understand the daily life of local people such as fishing and harvesting and you learn a lot about tropical trees through the presentation of the guide and have the chance to see several species of orchids.
You will arrive at your host at 5:30 p.m. with many happy memories. Opportunity to rest or participate in the preparation of the dinner to learn to cook some specialties of the province. Some stories of everyday life in a family atmosphere for your last dinner at home will be waiting for you.
The return to Hanoi is scheduled for the next morning at 9 am with farewell to the family that allowed you to spend unforgettable moments in the village of Coc Toc. Take the boat back to the dock where your driver awaits you and gaze one last time at this beautiful landscape of the Ba Be Lake.
Sure, this trip will not leave you untouched and you will come back with lots of stories to tell!